Self-development through Improvisation Module 1 – Fundamentals (Max 9 ppl)

What characterizes the world’s best athletes – they have a training culture – they train – what characterizes the world’s best human? Yes, it also requires training – everything requires training if you want to be good at something.

Train your presence, Train your emotions, Train your intuition, Train your – human being.

The improvisation methodology is based among other on traditional drama training, Impro Theater and Wheel of Consent, – and is a good way to acquire new social skills, improve one’s communication 1 to 1 or by presentations, strengthen one’s creativity, create security in the relationship with yourself/others and much more.

Improvisation will teach you, among many things, how to tackles the unprepared with drive and success. In a safe environment you will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone without being exposed or made fun of.

In module 1: Fundamentals, we will i.a. review:

  • The importance of – avoid judging yourself and others
  • To stay in good contact with the help of “Yes &”
  • Learning that mistakes are gifts and getting rid of perfectionism

Improvisation is for everyone – regardless of age, profession and previous experience. The course is for you who have never tried improvisation before, or you who have a dream of avoiding sweaty palms the next time you have to present something to your colleagues, customers or partners or for you who just want a fun and challenging moment with your friends. All you need is a curiosity and an open mind.

About the course:

The classes will be in English

3 hours once a week for 4 weeks. A total of 12 hours.


1500 kr. Tax incl. (20% discount for members of Personalezonen)


Wednesdays Dec. 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th


From 6pm to 9pm


Ingemannsvej 3A, Kld.
1964 Frederiksberg C

Practical information:

  • Bring clothes that you can move in.
  • Bring something to drink and/or something easy to eat
  • Bring something to write with and something to write on for notes
  • Please note that you must not wear outdoor shoes, so you may bring indoor shoes or slippers.
  • ATTENTION, if you travel by bicycle park it in the yard.
  • COVID-19 – If you have symptoms, do not go to class + disinfect hands before entering class. We supply hand gel disinfectant and visor.

About Rolando Yunquera:

Rolando is a educated Social Educator from VIA University College Peter Sabroe. A graduate of the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theater, ICC Theater and IO Chicago. He has taken a multitude of ​​courses. He has done hundreds of ​​shows and appearances as an actor and improviser. His teachings are based primarily on Improv Comedy Theater, but also inspired by classical drama/theater techniques, CI, Wheel of Consent and other methodologies. Rolando’s energy is contagious! He is a passionated teacher who motivates, supports and possibly makes you stomach hurt from laughter.


“For me, improvisation is much more than standing on a stage. It is a training in becoming an even better person. ”

– Rolando Yunquera


“I still remember my first lesson in improvisation by Rolando Yunquera !! 3 hours just flew.

Rolando is a fantastically energetic and attentive teacher of improvisation.

If I did not have too many things to do right now, I would throw myself in and play with others. ”

– Sigita Skudra

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