For Individuals

Recognise the art of being human

Become an even better you

Our unique perspective on the art of improvisation gives you a unique chance to step into a different engagement of self-development. Whether it is your search of being a better professional, a better friend or a better you.
We introduce our unique Improvisation methodology and offer tryout classes. Also we run 12 hour Modules. We also continue drop-in and beginner classes to the art of improv theatre. Everything in English and Danish.
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“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand”

– Old Chinese Proverb

Learn to

own your power

Discover more about yourself. Learn to be bolder, to open up and stand firm. Understand, know and trust what you have to offer and bring it forward. Learn to act in ways that are deliberate, focused and grounded in your values.

Learn to adapt and

be agile

To improvise requires flexibility and agility. When something isn’t working, you often have to change things up on the fly or in the moment. Learn that change is just another part of the process of getting it right and have success.

Learn the importance of emotions

What makes us different from machines and computers is our ability to imagine and feel emotions. Building emotional awareness in your life is a gift for growth and wisdom. Make each person in your life feel seen, understood and valuable.

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