Rolando Yunquera

Who am I?

My name is Rolando Yunquera and I was born in March 1977 in Copenhagen. I consider myself a child of the Earth. I have travelled and lived around the world. From living and exploring the nation of Denmark to see Europe and South America. I lived two years in the US, five years in China and that gave me an immense opportunity to learn about human culture and generally opened my eyes. My education is ongoing and I embrace new knowledge of any form. Being life lessons or the lessons in a classroom.

Connecting with people and connecting with oneself is a calling I cannot deny. My focus on acting, drama and movement has been, and still is, a big joy and motivator in my life. Another motivator is my believe of the value culture and arts have on the growth of any human being throughout their entire life. It’s the foundation of any connection, any relation and any community. That’s some of the reasons why I keep on growing, developing and why I founded QbicCircle.

Interview with Rolando Yunquera

What makes you capable of teaching improvisation?

It is a calling for me. I’m eager and passionate to teach and learn. My philosophy is “I’m the teacher and you are the students; but I’m also the student and you are the teachers”. It means you take responsibility of your own learnings and you own teachings. You see the opportunity to ask questions, take notes, have fun and spread that energy. 

What are your credentials?

Unfortunately teaching improvisation is not a degree in any country. So, if I wanted to excel in this career, I had to create my own education. Be hungry and stay hungry to learn and expand my knowledge. I have thousands of hours taking classes, teaching classes and performing improvisation for all sorts of audiences, students and clients. Doing this has made me realize the importance and depths of improvisation.

As a teacher I’m simply reminding people of what they already know. I don’t improve people; they improve themselves. By challenging themselves with improvisation, they can become aware of all the skillsets they didn’t know they had or simply forgotten.

Please see my improvisation CV here

What are your thoughts on meditation?

No denying meditation is a great tool to train mindfulness, peace and self-enlightenment. Getting to know your own breath and staying calm is these civilized “stressful” times are essential and also an unfortunate truth. So, while meditation is great to focus on you – you don’t train the focus on relationships with you and others. As humans we seek connections and social interactions. We want to belong and be valued. We want to be seen. Respected. Sensed and understood.

In meditation you take the responsibility of yourself – in improvisation you take responsibility of yourself and others.

Rolando Yunquera

I want to learn to use improvisation in my own field of teaching. Do you have experience in educating teachers?

Improvisation is an amazing tool for any teacher or practitioner to learn and use. It inspires and is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a joy to have people seeing the value of improvisation and how they can use it in their field. I’ve taught and inspired, social educators, primary and high school teachers, dancers, performers, HR consultants, college educators, company leaders and more.

Isn’t improv a bit immature and childish?

Yes, it is. Embrace it. We can learn a lot from children. Actually, our society dictates to “forget” to be childish or looks down upon the act of being childish.

Real men don’t show emotions. Real women are perfect. Get an education so you can get a job. Make money so you can get a house. Get married to get children. Pressure, self-doubt, judgement, anxiety and stress are some of those results of social indoctrination and modern social culture.