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Sustain & grow your culture

Use mistakes as a driving force to success

We offer a unique concept, which will help your company build and sustain a healthy working culture and environment. 

  • We change mistakes from being feared to being welcomed as gifts that you learn and develop from. 
  • We take the need to judge and morph it into the desire to evaluate 
  • We learn more about ourselves, others and how to become present in the moment.

We offer Team Building courses and seminars designed to increase the creativity, communication, and cooperation of your employees.

We use humor and laughter to change the aspect of making mistakes. 

Through different communicative exercises, your employees and coworkers will experience how they will communicate better and increase empathy towards each other. These exercises all contain making mistakes and having fun while making them. 

All these experiences will naturally flow into the culture of the workspace, and you’ll experience happier employees, who are using their creativity in a renewed and optimised way and communicating more clearly and efficiently.  

We are currently offering:

1. Team Building 2-3 hours 
2. Seminar Solutions – a solution Ideal for after Team Building.
3. Extended Program Solution – 2-8+ weeks – visiting Companies – membership program. 

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I’ll remember.

Involve me and I’ll learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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